Kemistry Remembered


Today, 25th April 2017, was the 18th anniversary of Valerie Kemi Olusanya’s – aka DJ Kemistry – passing. To mark the occasion, Storm released a bunch of photos and recordings from the 10th anniversary tribute event which took place at Cargo, Shoreditch in 2009.

It was a heavily emotional and uplifting night full of incredible vibes and love. I remember standing on the dancefloor at one point, teary-eyed, surrounded by people losing it to some of the best D&B ever written, thinking – yes, Kemi is definitely smiling down at us, approving of these scenes.

Check the photos from the night here.

Recordings are available via Storm’s Mixcloud page, here. Or the direct link to mine, Alley Cat and Chicka Boo’s set is here. I picked a selection of tunes that I know Kemi either loved and played, or reminded me of her (Raging Calm, Smoke Rings, Deadly Deep Subs remix etc…).

All love and respect to Jayne Storm, I’ll be forever grateful for the support and encouragement she and Kemi gave me in regards to DJing xx






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